She opened the bathroom door and locked it behind her. She started getting undressed and looking her body in the mirror with dissapointment. Not because she was fat,not because she wasn’t tall enough,not because she didn’t have the perfect hair or teeth and eyes or nose. She had admitted all those at the past. She was never ok with those,but she had accepted them. She didn’t love herself. She was trying to find the point in all this situation. She felt tired with all those thoughts. She stepped in the bathtub and she let the water fall hard on her head and body. She let the steaming water to vanish her thoughts. She couldn’t breath but it was alright. Her hands were numb and she couldn’t feel her few scars. She couldn’t either see. She was happy about that. She let the music playing. The few minutes she was in there seemed like an eternity. She had escaped for a while.


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